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Our service: Parking at Varna Airport





We present you the service “Parking at Varna Airport”. Our 24-hour secure parking lot is very close to T2 Varna Airport terminal. (there is only one airport terminal). You can see the location of the parking on our site contacts, and you can make a quick and easy reservation from .


You are about to fly from Varna Airport and want to find cheap and secure parking for your car?

Here’s what we offer!


After booking a parking space (at least 2 hours before your flight), one of our colleagues will meet you at the parking lot 324 “Vladislav Varnenchik” blvd., Varna and will drive you free of charge to the Airport Terminal. When you arrive back we will meet you and drive you back to the parking lot again (you get free transfers in both directions).
Our team will serve you quickly and professionally 24 hours a day!

Important information: If your arrival at the parking lot when you leave or pick-up your car is in the range of 20:00-08:00h., a one time “out-of-hours” fee of 10BGN (5 EUR) will apply!



Parking near Varna Airport with FREE Shuttle Service!

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Days Price
1 36 lv.
2 36 lv.
3 48 lv.
4 54 lv.
5 60 lv.
6 60 lv.
7 75 lv.
7+ 75 lv.+ 6 lv. per day
1 month 180 lv.
Long term 1 month + 180 lv./month+ 4 lv. per day